Bakery Department


The irresistible aroma of hot-from-the-oven rolls, the perfect blueberry bagel, chocolate cake that speaks to you like only decadent chocolate can. We can tell you how delicious, how scrumptious, how delectable the bakery at Macey’s is, but it’s much more fun to taste the difference yourself. Macey’s prides itself on being Utah’s best in-store bakery. Here are some of the items that make our bakery absolutely blissful:

Maceys Doughnut Menu Header


Macey’s is famous for its oven-fresh doughnuts and the glazed greatness is simply undeniable. Made fresh each day, Macey’s bakers put their hearts into creating these circles of sweetness and it shows in their work. To learn more about how Macey’s doughnuts are made, please watch the video below. Special orders are welcome. Call your Macey’s baker today to get started.

Bakery Cinnamon Pershings
Bakery Cookies


Our cookies are handmade daily using the finest ingredients available including high-quality flour, delicious chocolate, fresh whole eggs, creamery butter and natural sugar. We create wide assortment of options that are perfect for any occasion. Each irresistible flavor, including our famous home-style cookies and peanut butter bars, is made in small batches with an emphasis and quality and a commitment to great taste.


Cakes are the centerpiece of many celebrations and Macey’s decorators are absolute experts in creating gorgeous, delicious desserts that will delight your taste buds. Exquisitely detailed and unbelievably delicious, our cakes are always fresh and always fabulous. Whether it’s a wedding, birthday, graduation or other special event, Macey’s has the cake to complete your festivities. Visit or call your local Macey’s decorator to learn more and to place your order.

Bakery Cake