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Bakery Department

Scratch Bakery

There aren't too many grocery bakeries that can claim scratch-made and we're OK with that. What is scratch-made? Scratch-made means that we don't use any frozen dough and make everything in-house, just like grandma used to. A lot of our competitors claim to be scratch-made; however, they use a lot of frozen, ready-to-bake dough. We take pride in our bakery and want it to be the best it can be. Next time you're at a grocery bakery, feel free to ask them if they are scratch-made.

Macey's bakery is a destination for great doughnuts, cakes and breads. Our bakers love what they do and it shows in their work. Whether you need doughnuts for work or a custom cake for a birthday party, we love to bake and are happy to help.

Take a trip to our bakery today and be transformed into sweet, scratch-made bliss.

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