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When you visit Macey's, we hope you’ll stop and smell the roses … and the hydrangeas, daisies, lilies, kalanchoes, orchids and mums as well. Our floral shops are blooming with possibilities for celebrating special occasions and delighting friends, family and the special people in your life.  Choose a specially designed bouquet from our impressive selection of beautiful fresh-cut flowers or choose from a large variety of exotic tropical arrangements, modern vase arrangements or blooming and green potted plants on display year-round. Whether it’s roses for Valentine’s Day, lilies for Easter or Christmas poinsettias, you’ll find what you’re after.  We work directly with some of the best farms in the world to create recipe mixes that provide beautiful, long-lasting flowers for your enjoyment. 

Flowers make everyday life, and everyday living, better!

Fresh Bouquet

Our Grower, GEMS

GEMS products are designed in the U.S., and hand crafted on two certified and award-winning farms in Medellín and Bogotá Colombia. The ideal year-round climate of this equatorial nation reduces the cost of production, and offers Americans affordable and long-lasting flowers all year.

Fresh Bouquet
Fresh Roses

Fresh Roses

Our Farm in Colombia

Take one step onto our Passion Farms in the sunny mountains outside Bogota and you'll see why Passion Roses are bloom and shoulders above ordinary roses. Rich, fertile soil, in an endlessly warm atmosphere with just the right amount of rain. Beautifully kept grounds with plenty of room set aside for lunch breaks and soccer. Workers who are well cared for, so they care for their work. And farming in a way that sits gently on the planet. Passion Roses was voted one of the best places to work in Colombia, and it shows in every rose.


  • Fill a clean vase with fresh, lukewarm water and mix in the food pack.
  • Remove any leaves that will fall below the water line in your container.
  • Cut the ends of your stems at a diagonal, using floral shears or a knife (1-2 inches is plenty).
  • When your stems are cut, place them in the vase. Quick, they're thirsty!
  • Pamper your roses by showing them off in a spot that's away from direct sunlight and avoid extreme temperatures.
  • Add water daily. If the water gets cloudy, clean the vase, rinse the stems and re-cut them before placing them back in the new water.

Blooming and Foliage

Meet some of our growers:

Bay City Flowers

Bay City Flowers brings beauty and joy to your life by growing and offering inspiring plants and flowers from nature. Thus, our company's stated purpose is to 'bring beauty to life'. We've been fulfilling this purpose for nearly 100 years, since 1910, when our founder Nobuo Higaki started growing his first flowers shortly after he emigrated from Japan.

Located in Half Moon Bay, California, just south of San Francisco, we are blessed with ‘the’ ideal temperate growing climate. Our nursery is situated right along the beautiful Pacific Ocean whose waves cool our plants in the summer and warm them in the winter. A wide array of stunning plant materials are gathered from all corners of the world and are propagated and nurtured with expertise and pride by our knowledgeable, long-time associates.

Blooming and Foliage

Green Circle Growers (Logo)

Green Circle Growers (Logo) is one of the largest greenhouse operations in the United States and is committed to introducing fresh new ideas to the market place while utilizing production methods that are efficient and environmentally conscious.

Like people, we know when it comes to plants, no two are exactly the same. So at Green Circle Growers we provide exactly that - extraordinary plants for extraordinary people. Add some to your home today.

Green Circle Initiatives:

  • Focusing on our green initiatives, we have growing down to a science and there is practically no waste. Water is used by the plants and then it's returned back to holding tanks where it's filtered and gets used over and over again. We use high-efficiency energy curtains that retain the heat and reduce energy costs throughout the facility.
  • When it comes to heating the greenhouses the use of radiant heat is more efficient and cuts down on the use of natural gas by about 40 percent. The heat is produced by a wood boiler fueled by refuse from local tree removal companies. Instead of natural gas, they use sawdust, wood chips, and even tire chips from tire disposal companies. Transportation within the facility is also green with the use of electric carts that cut down on gas and diesel pollution.


The History of Balloons

Michael Faraday inspired generations of discovery – but his most enduring daily legacy was the invention of the ordinary, yet extraordinary balloon. He was the self-educated son of a migrant blacksmith – a stunning genius in the field of chemistry, electrify and magnetism. For humility’s sake he would decline Knighthood by the Queen, preferring to forever remain an ordinary “Mr.”

Beginning in the late 1970s, longer-lasting foil balloons made of thin, un-stretchable, less-permeable “Metallised film” started being produced. These balloons have attractive shiny reflective surfaces and are often printed with color pictures and patterns for gifts and parties. The most important attribute of the foil balloons is its lightweight, increasing buoyancy and its ability to keep the helium gas from escaping for several weeks.

The balloon industry is well established – providing employment to thousands around the world with a dedication to bringing a smile to all who interact with the product. Whether consumers want balloons for decoration


We work directly with some of the most creative designers in the area to create trendy and exciting arrangements of all shapes and sizes.  Whether you are looking for a “Get Well” gift or a birthday or anniversary arrangement, our floral shop has what you are looking for!

Flower Arrangements