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I have been in the grocery business for approximately 44 years. Fourty-one of those years were with Albertson's, two years with the Fresh Market stores, and the last nine months at the Macey's in South Ogden. I have been very lucky because I have been in the South Ogden area for 24 of those 44 years. I enjoy the grocery business and like what I am doing.

I believe the most important aspect of our business is our associates and our customers. I enjoy the people I work with and very much enjoy the customers who shop our store.

My last nine months at Macey's have been enjoyable and very challenging. Associated and Macey's have been very good to me and my family. I feel very fortunate to be working for a great company.

Please come and say hi.

Craig Howard

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Tippy Toes 64-72 ct. Select Varieties<br>Baby Wipes​

Tippy Toes 64-72 ct. Select Varieties
Baby Wipes​

Nuk or Gerber Select Varieties<br>Baby Products​​

Nuk or Gerber Select Varieties
Baby Products​​

Tippy Toes 10-12 ct. Select Varieties <br>Swim Diapers​

Tippy Toes 10-12 ct. Select Varieties 
Swim Diapers​

Gerber 1.4-1.48 oz. Select Varieties<br>Baby Snacks

Gerber 1.4-1.48 oz. Select Varieties
Baby Snacks

Purina Friskies 5.5 oz. Select Varieties<br>Cat Food​​

Purina Friskies 5.5 oz. Select Varieties
Cat Food​​

Huggies Little Swimmers  10-12 ct. Select Varieties<br>Swim Diapers​​

Huggies Little Swimmers 10-12 ct. Select Varieties
Swim Diapers​​

PediaSure 6 pk. 8 oz. Select Varieties<br>Baby Shakes 

PediaSure 6 pk. 8 oz. Select Varieties
Baby Shakes 

Western Family 14 lb. Select Varieties<br>Cat Food

Western Family 14 lb. Select Varieties
Cat Food