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I would personally like to welcome you to the Clinton Macey's. The Clinton Macey's was established in April of 2011. We are grateful to be a part of this amazing community.

We bring to you the freshest produce possible. Locally-grown is always available when in season. Our scratch bakery offers the delicious taste that can only come from scratch baking. We offer fresh, never frozen when it comes to baking. In house butchers offer only the best in fresh cut meats. We grind our hamburger as needed to guarantee freshness.

With our exceptional guest service we will make each and every shopping trip a memorable one. So if it's your first time or you're one of our many loyal guests, Happy Shopping!

Rick Griess

Currently on Special

​​​​Tresemme 2.3-25​ oz. <br>Hair Care​​​<br>Select Varieties

​​​​Tresemme 2.3-25​ oz. 
Hair Care​​​
Select Varieties

Watermelon​​​​<br>Sweet Seedless

Sweet Seedless

39¢ lb.
​​​Colosimo's 16 oz. ​Select Varieties<br>Sausage​​

​​​Colosimo's 16 oz. ​Select Varieties

​​​Western Family 32 oz. Select Varieties<br>Shredded Cheese​​​​​

​​​Western Family 32 oz. Select Varieties
Shredded Cheese​​​​​

​​​Ripe Sweet<br>Pineapple​​​​

​​​Ripe Sweet

99¢ lb.
​Gold'n Plump Select Varieties<br>Roasted Chicken​​

​Gold'n Plump Select Varieties
Roasted Chicken​​

$7.99 ea.
Avocados​​<br>Large Ripe

Large Ripe

98¢ ea.
​​​Red Se​edless<br>Grapes​​​​

​​​Red Se​edless

$1.88 lb.